NOW ANNOUNCING: New album coming soon! “Midwest” will be released later this year, featuring original music and jazz standards played during a live concert at the Pablo Center in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Stay tuned.



        Colin Heshmat grew up in central Illinois where he first became curious with a keyboard his father brought one home for him at the age of 5. His curiosity lead him into studying classical piano privately through childhood until he became a student of jazz by the age of 18. Between his mechanical engineering studies in school, Colin studied with jazz piano faculty member Chip Stephens at the University of Illinois where he also played in several jazz groups through the college of music. Colin has continued to develop himself by attending jam sessions across the United States, including sessions at Churchill grounds, The Velvet Note (Atlanta, GA), Andy’s Club, The Green Mill (Chicago, IL), Cleopatra’s Needle, Smalls, Mezzrow, Fat Cat (New York, NY), and Jazz Central (Minneapolis, MN). Through these musical communities, Colin has met and played with many well-studied artists including Pharez Whitted, Dick Oatts, Bobby Broom, and the late Roy Hargrove amongst others. Currently, Colin Heshmat works as a freelance musician and engineer out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He studies with pianist Mary Louise Knutson in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Videos and tracks 1-4:

Piano - Colin Heshmat

Drums - Shane Leonard

Saxophone - Sue Orfield

Bass - Jeremy Boettcher

Track 5:

Piano - Colin Heshmat

Drums - Adam Harder Nussbaum

Saxophone - Scott Hensiak

Bass - Sam Olson


Past Performances

01.10.2019 — Colin Heshmat Group — Acoustic Cafe (Eau Claire, WI), 7-9pm

02.08.2019 — Colin Heshmat and Jeremy Boettcher — Infinity Wine and Beverage (Eau Claire, WI), 7-10pm

02.09.2019 — Colin Heshmat and Josh Johnson — Ice House (Minneapolis, MN), 11am-2pm

02.15.2019 — Colin Heshmat, Solo Piano Series —The Ivory Room (Eau Claire, WI), 7-9pm

03.13.2019 — Josh Johnson Group — Lismore Ballroom (Eau Claire, WI)

03.15.2019 — Colin Heshmat, Solo Piano Series — The Ivory Room (Eau Claire, WI), 7-9pm

04.13.2019 — Cody Longreen with Colin Heshmat — The Volstead House (St. Paul, MN), 8-11pm

04.18.2019 — Colin Heshmat, Solo Piano Series — The Ivory Room (Eau Claire, WI), 7-9pm

04.26.2019 — Colin Heshmat Group — EC Jazz Festival (Eau Claire, WI), 8-10pm

05.11.2019 — Josh Johnson with Colin Heshmat—The Lakely (Eau Claire, WI), 10am-1pm

05.17.2019 — Sue Orfield with Colin Heshmat — Infinity Winery (Eau Claire, WI), 7-10pm

06.07.2019 — Josh Johnson with Colin Heshmat — Infinity Winery (Eau Claire, WI), 7-10pm

07.05.2019 — Colin Heshmat and Friends — Private Event (Cables,WI), 6-10pm

07.20.2019 — w/Sue Orfield Group — The Lakely (Eau Claire, WI), 8:30 - 11:30pm

08.02.2019 — Jeremy Boettcher and Colin Heshmat — Infinity Winery (Eau Claire, WI), 7-10pm

08.03.2019 — w/Scott Hensiak Quartet — Private Event (Altoona, WI), 7-9pm

08.23.2019 — The Midwest Project — Pablo Center (Eau Claire, WI), 8:00pm *tickets available here


Upcoming Performances